Now Available: WLIC 2017 Live Stream Recordings

WLIC 2017 live stream videos are now available. If you missed the inspiring Opening Ceremony, President’s Session, IFLA Highlights Session or the Closing Session, or you just want to re-live these moments all over again, you can now do that on IFLA’s Vimeo channel.

Broadcasting key WLIC sessions is a new initiative in IFLA’s history and was warmly received by the library and information community around the globe. This is another step forward in becoming a more open, transparent and participatory organisation.

WLIC as a place to connect and grow…

The live stream recordings reflect a small sample of what IFLA’s flagship event offers, but there is much more that takes place when 3000+ librarians from over 110 countries come together every year.

“It is far more than ‘networking’ – it is maybe the only chance to share problems and solutions…. to give a push to common professional standards and best practices with personal interaction and discussion…. There are regional bodies which hold conferences, and there is email… but neither is a substitute for what you can get at IFLA WLIC.”
– 2017 WLIC Delegate

Take advantage of early bird registration for WLIC 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, and begin planning your WLIC experience today!