Poster Sessions

Poster presentations are scheduled for two, two-hour intervals between 12:00 and 14:00 on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 August 2017.

The “Best IFLA Poster 2017,” selected from the posters presented in Wrocław by a jury on behalf of the IFLA Professional Committee awarded during the Closing Session on Thursday 24 August 2017 to: Sabariah Sayuti, Mastura Hj Muhamad and Noor Jasmin Jumha (Malaysia) for Poster #185.

Note for presenters: Please complete the online Authors’ permission form and send your final digital Poster (JPG, PNG or PDF) with an Abstract (in MS word, of no more than 300 words) to: for publishing in the IFLA Library.


Please read the Instructions for Accepted Posters or  contact:

List of accepted Poster Presentations:

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1 Peculiarities in Oyo State Library System [1] Adetoun A. Oyelude
[2] Olanike Oladunni Olaniyi
2 Library exhibit going touch: bringing the history of criminal law and the Holocaust to library users through a multimedia experience [1] Sonia Smith
[2] Svetlana Kochkina
3 Library Adventure by Bookworms Ages 13-18′ Project [1] Su Hyun Kang South Korea
4 First Film-themed Public Library in China [1] Chen Xia China
5 Libraries for peace and hope: Memories of future of Colombian’s war victims in the Magdalena Medio’s region [1] Carolina Rozo Higuera
[2] Mario Roberto Solarte Rodríguez
6 An Initial Exploration into the Design of Visualized Interfaces to Help Children Search for Books Using Smartwatches [1] Wei-Ching Wang
[2] Chun-Ching Chen
[3] Tzu-Heng Chiu
Taiwan, China
7 A Library-Based Curriculum That Transforms Students Into Scholars [1] Margarita Nafpaktitis
[2] Doug Worsham
United States
8 Raising infants and their families as readers: Multi-professional collaboration of library and child health clinic to support and motivate 6-month-old infants and their families [1] Leena Toivonen
[2] Outi Vaskin
[3] Minna Edgren
9 Bib’Lib, a charter of the fundamental right of citizens to have access to and share information and knowledge via libraries [1] Lionel Dujol
[2] Amandine Jacquet
10 Library World Map: a map to support solidarity and sharing between librarians! [1] Amandine Jacquet France
11 Database of Scientific Equipments Sponsored under Government Projects during the period 2008-2013 [1] P.K. Bhattacharya
[2] T.P. Sankar
12 Adding value for society by efficiently presenting cultural heritage with minimum additional costs: In-house development of digital tools for searchable collections at University Library Belgrade [1] Nikola Smolenski
[2] Aleksandra Trtovac
[3] Natasa Dakic
[4] Jelena Andonovski
[5] Adam Sofronijevic
13 Study of The Dynamics of the Relationships Network In the Work Presented at the “Open Session” of the Regional Section of Latin America and The Caribbean at IFLA Congresses: 1985 – 2015 [1] Claudiane Weber
[2] Sueli Mara Soares Pinto Ferreira
14 Digital Library Behavior – a Mixed Method Study [1] Lotte Hviid Dhyrbye Denmark
15 IYALI  2017: New Services and Community Outreach in African Public Libraries [1] Ramune Petuchovaite
[2] Gertrude Mulindwa
Lithuania, Uganda
16 Small Libraries, Greater Footsteps; Blooming of Small Libraries in S. Korea [1] D. H. Chang
[2] B. J. Koo
South Korea
17 Story Behind the Guidelines: Developing the Guidelines for Library Services to People Experiencing Homelessness [1] Sanja Bunić Croatia
18 Sommarboken! Eva Fred Sweden
19 Copyright Policies and Fair Use Guidelines in Research Universities in the United States [1] Min Chou United States
20 A panorama of Bibliotherapy in Brazil and Poland [1] Carla Sousa
[2] Clarice Fortkamp Caldin
21 The Library of the Federal Justice Cultural Center (CCJF), in the light of IFLA guidelines for public libraries [1] Alpina Gonzaga Martins Rosa
[2] Elisete de Sousa Melo
22 A New Approach to Research Guides: CRIS(Current Research Information System) with Autonomous Data Collection [1] Young Ki Kim
[2] Jong Min Cho
South Korea
23 Book Installation for E-generation: Linking Young Readers and Books through Modern Technologies [1] Marija Radulovic Serbia
24 Green Libraries. Worldwide. A Librarians’ tool. – 4 Years later… [1] Klaus U. Werner
[2] Petra Hauke
25 Welcoming, Serving, and Benefiting the Latino/Hispanic Communities of Central Virginia [1] Cristina Ramirez United States
26 Libraries for social and economic change [1] Marjatta Lahti
[2] Jackline Mshana
[3] Namutenya Hamwaalwa
Finland, Tanzania and Namibia
27 YOU & ME: Annual Patron Report [1] Yuanyuan Bi
[2] Xiaoting Gong
28 Creative Learning Packs [1] Sverre Helge Bolstad Norway
29 Play your cards right! The role of meaningful play in teaching information literacy to first-year students [1] Martha Attridge Bufton
[2] Ryan Tucci
[3] Colin Harkness
30 Would you judge a book by its cover? Book cover designs on pulses and legumes from the FAO Library collections [1] Veronique Montes Baffier
[2] Sarah Dister
31 Information Rights and Public Libraries [1] Alison Frayne Canada
32 Let’s Get Crafty in Makerspace at the East-Kazakhstan Regional Public Library! [1] Saule Shingaliyeva
[2] Kabiba Akzhigitova
33 Fight against isolation of third aged people: a purpose for the Raon l’Etape public library in a little town in Vosges, France [1] Alexandra Orlando France
34 Beetles, Birdsong and Books: Digital Access to Collections at a Natural History Museum and its Library [1] Leslie Kuo Germany
36 “Bibliostory – Educational Comic Stories”. A Case-based Media and Information Literacy for Children and Youths [1] Ewa Rozkosz
[2] Zuza Wiorogorska
[3] Agata Matras
37 Library Ambassadors: Peer to Peer Advocacy [1] Patrick Phalantwa
[2] Tapudzani Bathoeng
38 Reading Together! – E-books for School Use [1] Kati Vuontisjärvi
[2] Tuija Jerndahl
39 Sharing knowledge. Solidarity makes joy. [1] Milena Glušič
[2] Andrej Kotnik
40 Los niños cuentan su historia [1] Maricela de la Caridad Corvo de Armas Cuba
41 Does elite students read non text books? [1] Shima Moradi
[2] Soheila Mahboobian
42 Cultural animation with “stars” [1] Violeta Đorđević
[2] Vladislava Ivković Marković
43 The Library of Congress Literacy Awards, 2013-2017: Best Practices [1] Lesley Farmer United States
44 40 years of relationships within the IFLA Latin American and Caribbean section [1] Elis Gabriela Copa Santos
[2] Sueli Mara Soares Pinto Ferreira
45 Pratique de la veille informationnelle à Bibliothèque Universitaire Centrale de Ségou [1] Souleymane Sogoba Mali
46 Elements of Success in a Joint Academic Library for Five Universities [1] Katri Rintamäki
[2] Christina Flemming
[3] Anne Lehto
[4] Jonna Toukonen
47 “Local transformation, global access”: If not now, when? [1] Umut Al
[2] Zehra Taskin
[3] Irem Soydal
48 The ARL/SAA Mosaic Program: Recruiting and Developing Diverse Archives Professionals and Leaders [1] Mark Puente United States
49 More than Just Books: Multimedia Projects of the Presidential Library [1] Anastasia Drozdova Russian Federation
50 Learning Together: Libraries, Archives, and Museums [1] Clara M. Chu
[2] Mary Ellen K. Davis
[3] Mark A. Puente
United States
51 Strengthening Innovative Library Leaders: A Leadership Training Program [1] Susan Schnuer
[2] Rebecca McGuire
[3] Clara M. Chu
United States
52 Activity Based Costing as a tool for knowledge management to libraries [1] Jouni Juntumaa Finland
53 Online Legal Information System (OLIS): A Digital Library to Access the Indian Judicial and Legislative Information Resources [1] Raj Kumar India
54 International Network of Emerging Library Innovators – Middle East and North Africa (INELI-MENA) [1] Emad Saleh
[2] Heba Ismail
[3] Rasha Hussein Tawfik
55 Spreading the Roots: Library Helps Polish Minorities Preserve the Traditions [1] Oxana Andreev Moldova
56 From library volunteers to community engagers [1] Margareta Tatarus Romania
57 Librarians as Ambassadors: The Horner Fellowship Exchange Program for Arizona and Japan Library Personnel [1] Smita Joshipura
[2] Alexandra Humphreys
[3] Jeanne Pfander
United States
58 Blend it all! A tale of embedded librarianship and dynamic classroom instruction in an engineering capstone design course [1] Aditi Gupta
[2] T.S. Kumbar
59 EVS changes the Library! For plus points! [1] Aleksandra Zawalska-Hawel
[2] Weronika Waszczuk
60 Feasibility Study for Renovation of Public libraries in South Korea [1] Eun-Ju Lee
[2] Jee-Hyun Rho
South Korea
61 Metso LIVE – The unique Finnish music library concept combining people, live music, library content and social media [1] Jarkko Rikkilä
[2] Juhani Koivisto
62 Fields of immediate importance for Swedish libraries 2017 [1] Anette Mjöberg
[2] Lo Claesson
63 Use of Scientific Inscriptions in Library Sciences: An Empirical Study of Publication Practices [1] Diane Buhay
[2] Lisa Best
[3] Claire Goggin
[4] Rory McPhee
64 The Evolution of the University Library and its Services: A Five Year Examination of Student Experiences and Perceptions [1] Lisa Best
[2] Diane Buhay
65 The Global Library Initiatives at Stony Brook University [1] Michael Huang United States
66 Free access to scientific documentation in Gaston Berger University of Senegal [1] Mouhamadou Khaly Fall Senegal
67 Study on Iranian librarian’s commitment to professional ethics [1] Daneshmand Mohtarameh
[2] Amir Reza Asnafi
[3] Maryam Pakdaman Naeini
68 KORCIS(Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System) Service : Solidarity with Libraries in Korea and Abroad [1] Hyekyong Ahn South Korea
69 How To Remodel A Public Library From User-Oriented Perspective? [1] Wei-Chung Cheng
[2] Chih-Chun Lin
[3] Lin-Hui Hung
[4] Yi-Shan Hsieh
[5] Yen-Ting Chu
[6] Cho-Hou Fong
[7] Ming-Hsin Phoebe Chiu
Taiwan, China
70 University Library “Svetozar Markovic” in Belgrade and its digital funds [1] Marija Bulatovic
[2] Vera Petrovic
71 Centralized Municipal Public Library Network in the city of Ufa (Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia) [1] Daria Rytseva Russian Federation
72 Connections and Collaboration: A Library’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion [1] Jean Zanoni
[2] Elisa Coghlan
[3] Janice Welburn
[4] William Welburn
United States
73 Design a learning Spiral Model to make an authentic question: instructional design for learning environment by to enhance the motivation for learning [1] Yuki Amano Japan
74 The Biodiversity Heritage Library: Testing Tools, Enhancing Content, Linking Institutions and Contributing to Open Science [1] Constance Rinaldo
[2] Jane Smith
United States, United Kingdom
75 Media Messengers – learning by doing [1] Terhi Hannula
[2] Leena Pylkkö
76 Information Literacy Divide: The language factor [1] Peggy Nzomo United States
77 Data Literacy Education Design Based on Needs of Graduates in Earth Science College, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences [1] Ming Wu
[2] Hui Hu
78 Censorship in Contemporary Poland: Does it still exist? -The method of censorship in the new political context in Poland using a book published in 2010 and 2015 as an example [1] Maria Witt France
79 Foresight of information technology in Iranian public libraries: Future studies approach [1] Abdolhossein Bakhtyari
[2] Iraj Moradi
[3] Zoheh Mirhosseini
80 You Can Read Anywhere, Even Under Water [1] Mohd Norshazlin Sa’adun Nazir Malaysia
81 Game Jam der Bibliothek des Goethe-Instituts Marokko in Casablanca [1] Eva Hackenberg Morocco
82 Perfect Combination of Reading and Sports [1] Junwei Zhu China
83 “Strong Libraries – Strong Societies“ – the Year of Libraries in Lithuania [1] Jolita Steponaitiene Lithuania
84 Power to the people – a key to develop attractive, functional services of the new era [1] Saara Ihamäki
[2] Antti-Ville Reinikainen
85 Pulmaario coding and learning [1] Pia Terrihauta Finland
86 Advanced training program for volunteer librarians in Austria [1] Susanne Tretthahn Austria
87 Valoración patrimonial de las colecciones facticias en Cuba: Colección Facticia de Emilio Roig [1] Grisel Terrón Cuba
88 Optimisation of the Research Support Services at the University of Twente The Netherlands [1] M. Th. Koelen
[2] Marjolein Drent
89 National Campaign for Persons with Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia “I Want to Read Too!” [1] Dunja Marija Gabriel
[2] Zeljka Miscin
90 Oeiras Internet Challenge – information literacy for digitally literate [1] Bruno Duarte Eiras
[2] Sofia Pinho Pinto
91 Developing Leaders and Innovators in the 21st Century: the Chinese Librarians Scholarly Exchange Program (CLSEP) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States [1] Lian Ruan United States
92 An Untapped Generation: Bringing Millennials Through Your Doors [1] Sara Ahmed United States
93 CJK Digital Library, a Digital Archive Surveying Heritage of Knowledge and Culture in Asia [1] Hyeon-ok Kim
[2] Daichi Machiya
South Korea,
94 Telling Stories of Hangzhou Craftsmen, Cherishing Craftsman Spirit [1] Lidong Liu China
95 Advocacy for libraries: A South African perspective [1] Mokgadi Rebecca Senyolo
[2] Harry Matolong
South Africa
96 LAC Libraries: the impact of the copyright legislation in Latin America and the Caribbean region [1] Sueli Mara Ferreira
[2] Laura Passos Santana
98 Born to read : children under school age and their parents in the library [1] Ulla-Mari Kivi Finland
99 Libraries Enrich Society [1] Ellen Ovenstad
[2] Jorun Systad
100 The Inaccessible [1] Jelena Lesaja
[2] Kristina Passad
Croatia, Sweden
101 The intercultural library model : inventory and propositions [1] Romane Bernachon
[2] Claire Bourbiaux
[3] Pauline Jacquemin
[4] Joachim Devillers
102 AfLIA – Transforming Libraries, transforming society [1] Buhle Mbambo-Thata
[2] Doreen Appiah
103 Electronic Information for Youth Employment project (EIYE) [1] Raymond Amanyabyoona Uganda
104 Leer: vivir de más para hacer un país mejor [1] Maria Del Carmen Ruiz Colombia
105 Establishment of a prison library [1] Marie Gaye Senegal
106 Reading Clubs for Parents and Children, an example of good practice! [1] Inês Vila Portugal
107 How to publish a Festschrift [1] Sarah Oettel
[2] Deborah Wallers
[3] Petra Hauke
108 One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world [1] Somayeh Soleimani Iran
110 Doing data together: Constructing professional connections for global data librarians [1] Spencer Acadia
[2] Lynda Kellam
United States
111 National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan – integrator of interethnic concord and spirituality (Национальная библиотека Республики Казахстан – интегратор межнационального согласия и духовности) [1] Zhanat Seidumanov
[2] Aliya Saidembayeva
[3] Gulmira Smagulova
112 Polish libraries for teachers – a worldwide phenomenon [1] Dorota Walasek
[2] Beata Janik
[3] Dagmara Kawoń-Noga
113 Meet your new neighbour at the Cologne Public Library! Facilitating integration into society by bringing locals and refugees together [1] Sarah Dudek Germany
114 The Role of the Educated Professional Librarians in the Redefinition of Mission, Duties and Role of the National Library of Iran [1] Seyaed Ebrahim  Emrani
[2] Massoomeh Niknia
115 IFLA Congress Mentorship Program: Reflections, Rewards, Future Goals [1] Elizabeth J. Brumfield
[2] Denice Adkins
United States
116 Teach. Motivate. Inspire. [1] Akerke Nurmagambetova
[2] Aida Agadil
[3] Sholpan Sumbembayeva
117 Collaborative work of university libraries in the Metropolitan University Network of Bogotá- RUMBO [1] Bernadetta Maria Navarro Lisowska Colombia
118 Makers Campaign for Innovation in Hangzhou [1] Jiqiang Feng China
119 Good Books Spread a Thousand Miles Electronically: the Global Sharing of Taiwan Resources [1] Shu-hsien Tseng
[2] Li-chun Chen
[3] Hsiu-Mei Shao
Taiwan, China
121 The Creation of the New Academic Library Journal Titled “International Journal of Librarianship [1] Yongming Wang
[2] Guoying (Grace) Liu
United Sates, Canada
122 Multilingual services in Japanese public libraries [1] Taro Miura
[2] Yuka Sugimoto
123 Science and Technology Information Network Center, Thai National Information System: Development of Information Service Networking of Thailand [1] Anyada Tangduangdee
[2] Lada Punsukumtana
[3] Kularb Laekhakhum
124 Pop Lontar [1] I Putu Ari Kurnia B. Indonesia
125 A University and Public Library Cooperation Project in Taiwan: Mixed-reality Children’s Library Using Wearable Smartwatch Navigation and Visualized Interfaces [1] Chung-Ching Liu
[2] Ko-Chiu Wu
[3] I-Jen Chiang
[4] Su-Er Tsay
Taiwan, China
126 LIS education in a cherry orchard: making education prosper [1] Ruwan Gamage Sri Lanka
127 Redesigning the Lebanese Library Association (LLA) website [1] Dalal Hakim Rahme
[2] Sara Jawad
128 The Five Laws of Library Programs for and with Teens [1] Karen Keys United States
129 Boletín Tolle Lege, 15 años divulgando los servicios bibliotecarios y el quehacer cultural de la Biblioteca Pública Provincial Rubén Martínez Villena de La Habana [1] Miguel Viciedo Valdés Cuba
130 Patron Driven Acquisition? Some observations on patrons’ preferences and patterns of use [1] Anita L. Thiesen Denmark
131 Guidelines for Open Educational Resources for Libraries and Information Institutions [1] Sabine Stummeyer Germany
132 A Splendid 25 Years of Fine Books For Everyone Award in Taiwan [1] Ju-Ying Chang Taiwan, China
133 Reading of memories and narrating voices in the life history of storytellers from the south of Brazil [1] Felícia de Oliveira Fleck
[2] Miriam Vieira da Cunha
134 Café in a school library: how to strengthen links with school and society [1] Yuriko Matsuda Japan
135 Taking Six Steps to Accessible Libraries [1] Mark Freeman United Kingdom
136 Reading preferences of adolescents in Havana city [1] Adrian Guerra Pensado Cuba
137 French academic libraries: acting and supporting for the digital transformation of pedagogy, research and documentation in higher education [1] Cecile Swiatek
[2] Magalie Le Gall
138 Transforming the communication channels (Library associations, libraries and librarians) [1] Blaženka Peradenic-Kotur
[2] Marija Šimunovic
139 Managing conflicts in Serbian libraries [1] Jelena Jovin Serbia
140 Women Read [1] Selin Can Cemgil
[2] Safak Pala
[3] Nazan Akdogan
141 4D library – mindfulness and presence [1] Lasma Zarina
[2] Viktorija Agafonova
142 Summer-Camps for Librarians – a Perfect Opportunity for Learning and Networking [1] Ulrike Krass Germany
143 Academic Libraries’ position in developing Mixed Societies: the case of South Africa and Sri Lanka [1] Ramanan Thankavadivel
[2] Lynn Kleinveldt
Sri Lanka, South Africa
144 Network of Libraries and Art Information Centers in the State of Rio de Janeiro – REDARTE / RJ: continuous solidarity [1] Elisete de Sousa Melo
[2] Alpina Gonzaga Martins Rosa
145 The University of Ferrara (Unife) Libraries unveil their heritage to fulfil new goals: completed actions, plans and opportunities supporting Research, Education and Third Mission [1] Anna Bernabe
[2] Cristina Baldi
[3] Marina Contarini
[4] Paola Iannucci
[5] Landina Sebastianis
146 Promotion of electronic resources through information literacy [1] Samantha Bennett
[2] Rupa Kapitzki
[3] Predrag Djukic
United Arab Emirates
147 Digitising historical documents in a better, faster and cheaper manner with the IMPACT Centre of competence [1] Elisabeth Freyre France
148 In our Library [1] Widz Piotr Poland
149 Word Fencing [1] Beba Stankovic
[2] Slavica Vucinic
150 Libraries are more than “book houses” – Developing active libraries in Afghanistan [1] Rebecca Miller United States
151 Solving the mystery – learning the library [1] Sanna Naatanen Finland
152 “Family Day”: A Sample of solidarity and community between public library and society [1] Zeinab Safavi
[2] Roya Baradar
[3] Shima Moradi
153 Refugees and digital media: basic facts that information professionals should be aware of [1] Heike vom Orde Germany
154 Why do young adult like “light novels “? [1] Miki Muraki Japan
155 Une Bibliothèque départementale au service des élèves et étudiants de la banlieue de Dakar [1] Amadou Ciss Senegal
156 Researching Public Library Soundscapes [1] Harri Sahavirta Finland
157 Needs Assessment in M-Library Services of Academic Libraries in Thailand [1] Wawta Techataweewan Thailand
158 Augmented Reality: Practical Applications for Libraries [1] Maria Deptula United States
159 Humanidades Digitales para las Ciencias de la Información en Cuba. Contribuciones desde la academia [1] Sulema Rodríguez Roche
[2] Ania Rosa Hernández Quintana
160 From 70 to 10,000:”Book” Online and “Pick Up” at Convenience Store [1] Shih-Chang Horng Taiwan, China
161 EveryDay Literacy: South Carolina’s Toolbox for Library Centered Intergenerational Literacy Programs [1] Denise R. Lyons
[2] Kathryn Simmons
United States
162 STOU, Thailand and the development of ASEAN Information Literacy Network [1] Chutima Sacchanand Thailand
163 Grey is the New Black: How to keep up with Grey Literature in the Academic Library? [1] Aleksandra Blake Canada
164 Take a listen: A Child-centred approach to library services [1] Janine VanKooten Canada
165 New kind of boundary breaking library culture [1] Sanna Hernelahti
[2] Susanna Kolehmainen
166 How BR Public Academic Libraries build their collection! [1] Janaína Barcelos Resende Brazil
167 Libraries for Everyone: Inspirational applications for municipal public libraries [1] Orçun Madran
[2] Umut Al
168 Scientific collaboration: new challenges for university libraries /
La colaboración científica: nuevos retos para las bibliotecas universitarias
[1] José-Rodolfo Hernández-Carrión
[2] Gregorio González-Alcaide
[3] Javier Gómez-Ferri
[4] Francisco-Javier Hernández-San Miguel
169 Life of Senior Citizens Still Wonderful [1] Fang Hu China
170 Development of the reading guidance system – Growing game in accordance with impressions after reading [1] Takashi Harada
[2] Sho Sato
[3] Sakura Yasuda
[4] Hitomi Tomita
[5] Mika Yokozeki
[6] Eiko Horii
[7] Miki Hori
171 The Poseidon Project: Raising Ocean Literacy and Stewardship through Academic Publication and Outreach Programs [1] Jong-Yup HAN South Korea
172 Improved service to students and professional development of staff at the Learning Centre Studietorget Hälsovetarbacken, Gothenburg University Library [1] Lena Larsson
[2] Carina Torildsson
173 Quality AND Quantity: Preserving the Value of Research Consultations in a High-Enrollment Academic Environment [1] Carmen Cole
[2] Lauren Reiter
United States
174 Video-sharing websites in science and technology as outstanding devices to foster access to contents information and communication to society: their role in a virtual library on sponsored research as value-added information [1] Rosaly F. Krzyzanowski
[2] Inês M. M. Imperatriz
175 The library as influencer in the scientific world: the social impact of this very special work!
La biblioteca como influencer en el mundo científico: ¡el impacto social de éste trabajo tan especial!
[1] María Victoria Hernández-Zaragoza
[2] Jorge López-Cuevas
176 Search Feel Find [1] Lenita Brodin Berggren
[2] Malin Josefsson
177 Role des centre de documentation à l’air du numérique : le cas de l’UFR des Sciences de la santé de l’Université Gaston Berger de Saint-Louis [1] Abdoulaye Gueye Senegal
178 Books Build the Bridge of Friendship: Oregon-Fujian Library Exchange @ 20 [1] Richard Sapon-White United States
179 Building a five star profession: IFLA Guidelines for Continuing Professional Development Poster #1: is the English version [1] Gillian Hallam
[2] Jana Varlejs
Australia, United States
180 Building a five star profession: IFLA Guidelines for Continuing Professional Development Poster #2: Translation [1] Gillian Hallam
[2] Jana Varlejs
Australia, United States
181 Raise a reader, build a nation of reader: Building solidarity among library societies [1] Mastura Hj Muhamad
[2] Suzliana Abdul Hamid
[3] Norkhairul Nizam M. Sadon
182 Media Smart Libraries: Advancing the Digital and Media Literacy Skills of Practicing Librarians through a Digital Badge Project [1] Mary Moen United States
183 Spread the joy of reading in French with ADIFLOR [1] Annick Guinery France
184 Suggestion on the changes of RDA controlled vocabularies through the users’ test for BIBFRAME [1] Mihwa Lee South Korea

Best IFLA Poster 2017:

The Buggy Ride @Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda Library, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

[1] Sabariah Sayuti
[2] Mastura Muhamad
[3] Noor Jasmin Jumhar
186 Library on Tour [1] Anya Feltreuter Sweden
187 Gdansk University of Technology’s Library as regional leader in creating scientific information skills [1] Magdalena Szuflita-Żurawska
[2] Anna Wałek
188 An Integration of RFID Smart Bookshelves for Popular Books and Visualized Interface Design for Children [1] Li-Hsiang Lai
[2] Mu Wei Lee
[3] David Cheng
Taiwan, China