Calls for Papers for Satellite Meetings

Satellite Meetings are organised by different professional groups (Sections, Core Programmes and Special Interest Groups). Calls for satellite papers will be submitted through these groups and made available on this web page as soon as delivered.

Calls for Papers for the open sessions

33rd Pre-Conference of the Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section

Theme: "Information as the foundation for social solidarity: the role of Parliamentary libraries and research services"

Deadline for proposals: 31 March 2017

Environment, Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group

Theme: "Collaborative Strategies for Successful Green Libraries: Buildings, Management, Programs and Services"

Deadline for proposals: 1 March 2017

Genealogy and Local History Section joint with Asia and Oceania Section and Information Technology Section

Theme: "The Challenge of Multiple Identities. Multiethnicity in Genealogy, Local History and Regional Memory - Challenges and Opportunities for Libraries and Other Memory Institutions"

Deadline for proposals: 18 March 2017

Knowledge Management Section

Theme: "New directions in Knowledge Management"

Deadline for proposals: 28 February 2017

Latin America and the Caribbean Section

Theme: "Libraries and the 2030 Agenda: prospective information & forthcoming society"

Deadline for proposals: 1 March 2017

Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section

Theme: "From Refugee to Citizen-Integration: Policies and Actions of Cultural Institutions"

Deadline for proposals: 27 February 2017

Library Theory and Research Section joint with Preservation and Conservation Section and Information Technology Section

Theme: "Data Curator’s Roles and Responsibilities: International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives"

Deadline for proposals: 18 February 2017

News Media Section

Theme: "Relying on News Media. Perspectives for Long Term Preservation and Our Collective Memory"

Deadline for proposals: 1 March 2017

Public Libraries Section joint with Management and Marketing Section

Theme: "Managing Change: Library Transitions – moving into the future. Best practices from around the world"

Deadline for proposals: 1 March 2017

Reference and Information Services Section joint with Information Technology Section

Theme: "Innovation and the User Experience: Evaluating and Implementing Discovery Systems"

Deadline for proposals: 1 March 2017

Serials and Other Continuing Resources Section joint with Acquisition and Collection Development

Theme: "Open Access: Action Required"

Deadline for proposals: 15 May 2017

Women, Information and Libraries Special Interest Group

Theme: "LIS professionals supporting women living in conflict situations"

Deadline for proposals: 5 March 2017